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So please either register or login. Mal wieder ein tolles Video. Am besten ist es wenn ihr euch beiden ganz aufnehmt. Fuck black biggest breast mama. This has, on numerous occasions, also extended to the public display of the dead bodies of "armed robbers" at police press conferences. For example, in August a national newspaper reported nigrrian the Bauchi State police command had shot dead thirteen suspected armed robbers as part of a renewed anti-crime campaign.

The paper described how the corpses of eight suspects were paraded at a press conference at the state police headquarters as evidence of the police authorities' "war against armed robbers. The police have been nigreian with orders to use lethal force while maintaining law and order at public demonstrations and during inter-communal conflict, which has on several occasions led to the disproportionate use of force against unarmed demonstrators.

For example, during nationwide nigerian big puss against an increase in the price of fuel in Julylarge numbers of police were deployed to the streets of Lagos and other major towns puds cities. According to a witness to a telephone conversation between a senior federal police official in Abuja and the Commissioner of Police for Lagos State, the authorization to shoot protestors on sight was given from the police headquarters. The Nigerian Police Force is pusd centralized and federally administered institution.

It is headed by an Inspector General of Police appointed by and accountable to the President. The constitution vests the overall operational control of the force in nigerian big puss hands of the President.

Section 3 states: A system of patronage, where individuals are favored by the government in return for their support, appears to extend to the middle ranks and has nigfrian to accusations that the police function as a tool of the ruling party. There are numerous examples of this documented by Human Rights Watch including the use of the police to harass journalists, protestors, and members of groups opposing government policies.

In Anambra Nigerian big puss, where there has been serious political infighting within the PDP sincea detachment of police was involved in the attempted abduction of the state governor in July Each of the thirty-six states and the federal capital territory is served by a unit called a command, under a state commissioner of police.

Three or four state commands are grouped together nigeruan form one of twelve zones, each under an Nigerian big puss Inspector General.

State commands are divided into smaller area commands, below which are divisional police stations, niyerian by a Nigerian big puss Hig Officer DPO and finally local bug posts. With an overall population of roughly million people, this is a ratio of one officer to every Nigerians.

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This compares with similar ratios in South Africa and the United Kingdom. As a federal nigerian big puss, the Nigerian Police Force recruits officers from across the nigerian big puss. New recruits are posted to ;uss one of the thirty-six state commands. Under a strict system of rotation officers are transferred to a new post every few years and therefore communities are policed by officers who may be from different ethnic or religious backgrounds to their own.

Serving alongside the regular police force are the Mobile Police, an especially trained anti-riot unit, numbering approximately 30, luss. Known locally as MOPOL, they were originally created to contain civil disturbance or large-scale conflict but nigerian big puss are also deployed to carry out various other policing duties.

Big panis and big boobs xxxx Mobile Police operate under a parallel authority structure with forty-six squadrons, organized into state and zonal commands and headed by a commissioner of police at the force headquarters.

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Several other national agencies carry out law enforcement functions and have the power to arrest and detain nigerian big puss, some at their own detention facilities. In addition, there are two principal intelligence agencies: During the course of this research Human Rights Watch gathered information on the bbig of at least twenty-three men in police custody.

Twelve of these cases are from Kano and took place between November and early In addition, pusa from local human rights organizations and the press bbw ass hot photo nigerian big puss are scores of others cases, suggesting a widespread pattern of deaths in custody across the country.

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At the Kano State police headquarters alone, four men nigerian big puss at the criminal investigation department, known as "State CID," for periods of up to twenty-three months told Human Rights Watch they had saw or heard of xxx big big ssbw death of between twenty and forty people during their detention.

Those who died from their injuries or were summarily executed included nigerian big puss following eleven men whose names mature big ass and boobs galleries approximate ages they gave as follows: Awolo, twenty-nine-years-old, Idris, thirty-seven years, Charles, forty years, Obita, thirty-one years, Yusuf, twenty-two nigefian, Arangama, thirty years, Yakubu, thirty years, Nigerian big puss, twenty-seven years, Augustine, Julius, and Emeka.

The following account of torture and death in custody of nigerian big puss detainees at the Kano State police command was given to Human Rights Watch by a thirty-six-year-old trader. He was arrested along with twenty-one-year-old Ahmadu, thirty-year-old Ishaq and twenty-seven-year-old Abubakar 46 in November at a police checkpoint in Kano:. At State CID they didn't take our names but took us immediately to one nigerian big puss room, about ten-by-ten-meters in size.

There were about bi policemen. Four others were sitting down. Our arms were tied with handcuffs. They started beating me with a yam pounder, 48 saying I should nigerian big puss for the robbery. They brought me down and poured water over my head. I woke up and saw Ishaq hanging. They njgerian him the same as me, so that he shit and he piss.

They beat him so he accepted what he didn't do. He accepted he was a robber. Then they did the same to Abubakar. They beat him more than Ishaq — for over thirty-five minutes.

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The whole place was scattered with blood. He was shouting, shouting. He also shit and piss himself.


He wouldn't agree to ibg robbery. Next they started taking statements. All seven policemen were present. I told nigerian big puss I robbed, even though I did not. Then we were taken to the cell.

We were thirty-six people nigeeian nigerian big puss very small cell. It was so congested. We were packed like sardines. There desi mom nekad pic no ventilation, no window and just a tiny toilet.

We had to eat and piss in that room. I had wounds on my back and my face. My body was seriously paining me.

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I couldn't stand and had to crawl to go to the toilet. My left knee and foot had swollen, my arms were big ass closeup pics. I didn't get any medicine. When I complained about nigerian big puss injuries they said let me die. After three days they took us to the same room and beat us again.

They told us we bit to rob one Alhaji. We said nigerian big puss, we did not. They were annoyed that we niyerian no. I accepted I had robbed. Ishaq said he would not accept, so nigerian big puss beat him until he was unconscious. He did the same with Abubakar. He told me to older mature chubby and fattish moms pussy pictures Abubakar back to the cell.

He was bleeding from his nose and mouth, his whole face was swollen. With the help of the chairman [head of the prisoners], I dragged Abubakar back to the cell. Ishaq died after two months. Abubakar died after three or four months in custody.

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He died from the beating. They broke his kidney. He got no medical attention, not even panadol. He couldn't sleep or eat. The police took the corpse to the general hospital. Ishaq's wife came twice to look for him. I wanted to nigerian big puss her what had happened. They told his wife he had been nigerian big puss to Abuja.

At first, when our families came to look for us, they drove them all away. It was not possible to see visitors.

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Abubakar's nigerian big puss are in Lagos. In Februaryhis senior brother came to look for him. Migerian he saw what state he was in he started crying. He couldn't come back again. A police officer, who used to work at the police headquarters in Kano untiltold Human Rights Watch he had seen suspects being shot in the leg or beaten with album mom busty hot sticks and nigerian big puss rods.

They are shooting roughly one person per week. Another man, held at Kano State police headquarters between February and Marchwitnessed the death of a co-detainee. He told Human Rights Watch: His name was Nairu Gewa. nigerian big puss

big puss nigerian

I personally treated nigerian big puss wounds, but he was urinating blood and later died in the cell. Several other people who had been detained at the Kano State police command described to Human Rights Watch how they nigerian big puss co-detainees were beaten by two sergeants, one corporal and other policemen attached to the Special Anti-Robbery Squad SARSall of whom were identified to Human Rights Watch researchers by name.

To Human Rights Watch's knowledge, these officers are still working at the Kano State police command. When Human Rights Watch raised the issue of deaths in custody with the Kano State police command, the police spokesperson said: We are cautious downloa xxx video mom vs smal bol careful with our job.

It is very difficult to die in police nigerian big puss. If they are sick they are taken to hospital. Brutality is no longer used as a method of interrogation. It is no longer relevant. In Lagos, Human Rights Watch spoke to a man who had knowledge of at least three summary executions which took place at Area G Command in the Ogba area of the city nigerian big puss February He gave the following detailed account of one of these incidents and explained why he believed summary execution of detainees was a regular occurrence:.

At Area G Command in Ogba they regularly kill suspects. I have seen it from a friend's office which overlooks the police yard. It is usually between On three different occasions I saw people being shot.

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It was this year [], between January 7 and 12, at The detainee looked disheveled, with a ripped shirt and torn trousers. He looked very feeble, like he had lost all his strength. He was handcuffed and had manacles on his legs.

He was taken to nigrian back of the yard. I couldn't hear luss exact exchange of words, but I could see from the policeman's gesticulation that he was interrogating the man. The detainee was pleading. The next thing the policeman picked up a rifle and aimed it at him. He was still short chubby xxx pic galleaty and threatening the nigerian big puss.

After between five and seven minutes he aimed nigerian big puss gun again and shot him three times at close range, about four or five meters away. He first aimed at his chest and then nigerlan last bullet hit luss in nigerian big puss stomach. The police officer just left him and walked out.

It was as if someone had killed a lizard. I also walked nigerian big puss, as I couldn't watch any more. The second occasion was the second Thursday in February, between I was walking from a meeting. I didn't see but heard big boobs audition sex video 3gp gunshots just as I was walking vig the police station.

Three policemen who were outside shouted: He called me to come and bail him. We didn't know nigerian big puss. After five minutes we heard seven gunshots coming from the back of the yard. The police staff at the counter all echoed "rest in pieces, rest in pieces," one for each nigerian big puss. This is where I first heard the phrase and why I knew what it meant when I heard it at Ogba. After a couple of nigerain they opened the gates. The man was adamant that from the office building he could clearly see what was taking place in the police yard.

He also told Human Rights Watch nigeriaan after "rest in pieces," the police officers shouted: During discussions with police personnel nigerian big puss a separate occasion, he was explicitly told these phrases bbig used to signify a suspect has been shot in police custody. One of the most notorious cases to reach public attention in recent years was the killing of two school boys in Nsukka, Nigerian big puss State.

On March 10,sixteen-year-old Nnaemeka Ugwuoke and seventeen-year-old Izuchukwu Ayogu were running an errand in their home town of Nsukka. They were stopped by three men who attempted to force them into a car. When they tried to run away they were chased, beaten, and niegrian by the officers before being handed over to shemale sexy big bum fucked pics Divisional Police Officer DPO for Nsukka, a police superintendent, who drove them to the police station.

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On their return the following day they found their sons no nigerian big puss there. All the policemen, including the DPO, njgerian having ever seen them. Several days later, the mutilated bodies of Nnaemeka and Izuchukwu were found dumped at a construction site in Nkpologwu, a nearby town.

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Following protests from the Nsukka community, the Enugu State police command opened an inquiry into the death of Nnaemeka and Izuchukwu.

The findings which were released in April indicted the DPO for their murder. The report revealed how, when junior officers disobeyed the DPO's orders to shoot the boys, he took the gun and shot them himself. That there was no entry of crime committed by the nigerian big puss boys in the station's crime diary. That the entry of their detention in prisoner's nigerian big puss lock-up register kept at the counter was tampered with [ That the two boys were actually shot at Isi-Uja by Mr.

Gambo Sarki through nigerian big puss gun he collected from Insp. Nigerian big puss Ugwuof Anti-Crime Patrol team pick-up van. Naked fat black sister pics is therefore recommended that he be charged to court as such, while the indicted policemen should face severe disciplinary action. Over three years later, the case has still not been brought to trial and no one prosecuted for the murder.

Indeed, there are conflicting reports about the whereabouts of the DPO.

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The parents and local human rights organizations said the police have given conflicting information, first claiming the DPO had escaped from detention and then claiming he remained in custody and that they were still conducting an investigation.

At the time of nigerian big puss the DPO's whereabouts remain unknown. The May death in custody of six young men, also in Enugu, appears to be yet another example of extrajudicial killing and total disregard for fundamental principles of due process in the name of an anti-crime strategy.

According to information from local human rights organizations and reports in the media, Murphy Opara, Emeka Madubosa, Uchenna Asogwa, Ikechukwu Asogwa, Chimezie Ugwu and Kelechi Nigerian big puss were arrested from various locations in Port Harcourt, Nsukka, and Lagos between March and April in connection with a bank robbery that took place in Enugu.

The six friends were transferred to the Ogui Area Command in Enugu. Although they had not been convicted of the robbery, on April 27,they were paraded before journalists at the State Nigerian big puss in Enugu, as a public display of the anti-crime measures being employed by the police. Standard Minimum Rules for the Treatment of Prisoners provides: Despite repeated efforts, the families were not permitted desi xl girl anal hd xxx to their children who were, according to a local NGO, denied legal representation.

On May 9, family members nigerian big puss food for the young men, but were told they had been transferred to the state police headquarters in Enugu earlier that day. When they made inquiries at the police headquarters officers denied sex ebony gallery video suspects had been brought there. Days later their dead bodies were found at the University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital mortuary in Enugu.

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According to local human rights organizations the police have offered no official response to the families. A member of staff from a large Nigerian hospital told Human Rights Watch: We get four or five bodies from them per week. This led him to conclude that the majority of the corpses brought to the hospital are of those who had been killed in custody. The source described how the police claim the person died of an illness or that nigeian nigerian big puss was found on the road.

Nigerian big puss, according to the source, the same corpses were observed by him to have signs of extensive bruising and evidence of nigerian big puss. The Nigerian Constitution guarantees the right to life and nigeran right to respect for dignity of the person including the right not to be subjected to torture.

Nigerisn, as defined in the U.

puss nigerian big

nigerian big puss Convention, involves a number of key elements. It is an nigerlan by which severe mental or physical pain or suffering is intentionally inflicted against an individual, at the instigation of or with the consent or acquiescence of a public official.

The purpose of which is to obtain information, or a confession, or punishment for an act nigerian big puss individual has committed or is suspected of having committed, or intimidation, coercion, or discrimination of any kind. A person may be tortured as punishment for black naked big mom act committed, or suspected of being committed, by a third person.

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Despite these commitments and obligations by the Government of Nigeria, Human Rights Nigerian big puss research shows a clear pattern of widespread torture of suspects in police custody, sometimes resulting in the victim's death. The experiences of current and former detainees in Enugu, Lagos and Kano, and information from local zulu black girl hiar pussy rights groups, suggested that the use of torture by the police was routine.

During interviews with Human Rights Watch, local NGOs, lawyers and prison officials report little improvement in the treatment of criminal suspects by the police or the reduction of torture since the end of military rule in Indeed, thirty-six of the fifty people interviewed by Human Rights Watch said they had bbig nigerian big puss in or Those interviewed represented urban areas, which, due to high crime rates, have a higher proportion of criminal cases, as nigerian big puss as remote rural areas where poor infrastructure and communication mean the activities of police go largely without scrutiny by local human rights groups.

Human Rights Watch interviewed a twenty-three-year-old construction worker who was awaiting trial in Enugu Prison. He was arrested by police from his home at Agbani, a town in Enugu State, on June 18, with three male cousins, aged nineteen, twenty-one, and twenty-two. All four were accused of a robbery pus the town and taken to Ten age boy big hugs cock xxx video police station.

He described what happened:. At the nigerian big puss station we were put in an open cell with over pss people. Our hands and legs were chained. We slept in the cell, on the floor. In the morning at They took me to the "torture room.

They asked me to tell the truth, that I was a robber.

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I said I'm not a robber so they started to torture me. They handcuffed me and tied me with my hands by my knees, a wooden rod behind my knees ;uss hung me from hooks on the nigerian big puss, like goal posts. There were three policemen there, all in mufti [plainclothes]. There was an inspector, a sergeant and a constable. The inspector was giving all the orders.

After the torture I wrote and signed a statement in which I said I was not nigerian big puss robber.

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The Inspector from Abgani [police station] handed me over with my statement. There they took my name and asked if I was a robber, that I should tell the truth. They nigerian big puss me and made me lie on the ground and hit my back with a cutlass and a baton. I kept saying it is not me, I'm not a robber. I spent two weeks in State CID. My cousins and I were charged with suspected robbery.

When Human Rights Watch met the young man in Marchhe complained of continuing pain in his genitals, and described how he was passing blood for nigerian big puss weeks after the torture. He also told researchers that he nigerian big puss temporarily lost sight for two weeks after as a result porn bbw black virgin pics the tear gas.

During his detention in police custody he received no medical attention.

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Human Rights Watch heard reports of severe beatings with implements such as batons, sticks, planks of wood, belts, iron bars, gun butts, cable wire, koboko horsewhip and gora poles of bamboo palm used as roofing material. Many nigerian big puss the cases documented rise to the level of torture, in that they involved the nigerian big puss infliction of severe pain or suffering for the purpose of obtaining a confession or extracting information, or punishing the victim for his or her own or a relative's perceived wrongdoing.

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Other cases did not clearly amount to torture nigerian big puss all of the cases documented in this section at a minimum constitute cruel, inhuman, and degrading treatment or punishment, which is also prohibited nigerian big puss the U. The most common types of abuse committed by the police in Nigeria and described to Human Rights Watch by victims and perpetrators includes repeated and severe beatings with metal rods nigerain nigerian big puss sticks or planks, as well as other implements described above.

Other violations reported include the tying of arms and legs tight behind the body; suspension by hands and legs from the ceiling or a pole; resting concrete nigerian big puss on the arms and back while suspended; spraying of tear gas in the face and eyes; electric shocks; death threats, including holding a gun to the victims head; giant kooks 4 porno film in the foot or leg; stoning; burning with clothes irons or cigarettes; slapping and ibg with hands and boots; abusive language or threats; and denial of food and water.

There were also numerous cases of the molestation and rape of female detainees; use of pliers or electric shocks on the penis; insertion of broom bristles into the penis; beating the penis with cable wire; and spraying of tear gas on genitals. Human Rights Watch documented twelve cases where young men had been shot in the foot or leg whilst in police abused pussy lips galleries.

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Eight of these cases took place in Lagos, nkgerian of which were perpetrated by officers at the state police command. Four other cases were recorded in Kano, at the state police headquarters. The majority occurred in Some of the victims were shot nigerian big puss times in xxx3gp vedose bigblack foot. All were denied medical attention.

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