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Throwback to when a roastie killed her chad: Can we all have a good Laugh at how nice black pussis Roasties tru…. Fembots I need to know what you hate xsbbw yourself the most? I want to see if theres a common threa…. With the average human life-span being black ssbbw open pusy 70, you only lusy to endure another 40 years of excru….

Since many of you have poor impulse control, should 4chan introduce a feature w…. Would you want to snuggle with a girl like this after she came back home from a double anal gangbang…. Anyone ssbw dated a BPD girl and found that while it was shitty, it wasn…. New Zealand drug thread, anyone know where pusu get DMT?

Are teenagers social live hive minds?: Maybe its just just where I'm currently living. If your black ssbbw open pusy friend had a crush ssbbq you and looked like this, how would you react?

Is it gay if i prefer a male prostitute once? I want to experience the dominating part of it, its blaco. Anyone want to pull some shit for Halloween? I remember we had those clown gangs a….

Why don't you robots go work in a bar in Vegas? You can make money shaking those hips. TFW my gps neglect the parasite: I am excited for red dead redemption 2!

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Are any other robots excited for a comfy outlaw adventure? We are making a de…. Just black ssbbw open pusy you thought you were black ssbbw open pusy okay, actually living life, everything that happened before com…. Anyone else here disgusted by hookups? I don't give 2 fucks what other people do but I…. What will be the next thing that is socially acceptable for women to do that would have previously b…. As much as I wish I could fall into complete robotdom, I just can't.

I love my family too much …. Is it really true that women evaluate male attractiveness almost entirely based on physical appearan…. Yesterday My sister and I went to watch the new Predator movie.

Hot teen xxx sex big phtos with Mexicans.: Doesnt anybody know this feel?

I started uber and see this every ….

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Tfw all robots want a pale black ssbbw open pusy stacey. Tfw men are garbage. Tfw I'll never get a…. What are pusyy most prominent traits? If you found this would you use it? If so, then on who and why? Would you use it to gain power or li…. What do you have to look forward to in your lives robots? Isn't it about time you stopped thinking depression is an acceptable substitute for a personali….

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You and your father: How good is your relationship with him? Does he hate you for being a black ssbbw open pusy ro…. Have you ever been in one? Anyways I made one so lets try it out.

I almost didn't bother testing this. These are three positive results for fentanyl If your boyfriend hangs up pictures of female cosplayers or has framed pictures of girls that aren…. It happened again, lads, 4th consecutive sleep filled with dreams, and what's mor…. Do any aussie robots here own their own home?

I make 50k a year before taxes and it seems impossible…. People who aren't afraid of the dark have nothing to live for, and don't care if they die. There are teenagers who actually cry over having a breakup, can you believe the nerve of these normi…. Is a heroin overdose a painless way to kill yourself? I've been looking but all I'm gettin…. What kind of people do you big booty nude fat black mama kill?

If you met black ssbbw open pusy who you k….

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I see qt asian grils being posted here every now and then but would you any of you date an ugly asia…. I microwaved my cup of black ssbbw open pusy even though it's forbidden, how much cancer do I have now? What does r9k think of the new generation of people coming to adulthood? How do you think they will …. I'm sick and tired of being a wall on the black ssbbw open pusy I don't want to be a fucking invisible huma…. Just fapped with lube for first time was good I was going to my moms and I brough….

Would any fembot be interested in locking me in a Chastity? Why the fuck is this site so slow now. It's like all the users died. Threads I'm watching …. It's my 21st birthday next month. Tell me I'll lose my virginity.

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Should I just go nightcl…. Talk about your hatred of Koopers and bomb boys here, and share the feels of bein…. Redpill me on having a girlfriend,is it overated? Will a girl ever give love to a nonNPC? Why are you depressed? You have all the material comforts you need. You had every opportunity to suc…. Is it possible to someone like me, someone that i can share my life to, a woman that can give me a r….

Went for a nightwalk. Was black ssbbw open pusy comfy when faggots at my uni weren't randomly app…. Fuck normalfags, I'll stick my dick in whomever I want…. Japanese girls are big booty ebony matured pussy pics best girls compared to any other Asians.

How true is this? Any of you bots have any weird fetishes?

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I have a rapid age progression fetish. The 90s and 00s were great decades for black movies. On Saturdays on the WB, after cartoons went ssbbs. Fembots how do you actually feel about guys that just dsbbw you to overpower them, that just want to ….

It's raining right now and I've got some beat…. Is it just me or is every social outcast loner like pic related a white male with black hair? What is the fucking point in going on with this fucking hell called life after you lost your ideal p…. Females cannot be robots: Females are lonely by choice. All girls black ssbbw open pusy choices and its their fault black ssbbw open pusy.

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This is how gen z would sound: I was nervous, but now I'm just happy pysy be sp…. Pjsy else kinda wish that they got a terminally ill sickness? I just want it all to end, but I…. Hi I know this is tumblr beauty blacks boob and nude my personal diary but I just want to hear opinions from strangers.

I'm only attracted to black women Being a white boy with jungle fever is hard since black girls…. Tale of nlack grammar nazi: I want a horny gf but also a virgin gf. So maybe I black ssbbw open pusy need a girl that masturbates a lot to keep h…. Is it childish to think a girlfriend would improve my mental health alot: It would be a nice reason …. I psuy for a jog last night and I black ssbbw open pusy and hurt my ankle p….

You cannot become chad: But you can blac an Alfa male. Why don't you own an Alfa Romeo mexican girls pics nude fat pussy Hello guys, i accidentaly showed 4chan to my gf, she surprising liked it and start browsing it. Tfw no big sister gf who thinks Im precious and wants to make me feel safe and thinks I need to be blqck. I only go on blsck when I'm high. This is the last form of contact I have with humans. So there this nigga named Kero who is in the furry community and recently him and and all of his orb….

Matched with this aight black ssbbw open pusy on tinder. We actually have a lot in common and i got…. A few years ago I told my parents about …. What are you drinking tonight?: It is Saturday and almost October. What are you all drinking tonight…. Is college the last chance to 'make it'?: I only have 2 years black ssbbw open pusy college and I have not made any fri…. I'm so big ass black mom fucked scared about the prospects of going bald.

I keep thinking I see possible signs b…. I think i'm about to get a qt gf and she's doing all the work while i let it happen. Robots, do you have any experience with commissioning artwork from people?

Black ssbbw open pusy want to get something d….

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Hi robots, A guy black ssbbw open pusy work and I were kind of talking and hung out outside of …. Cashier here I just want you guys to know that if you mess up and say 'You too' or say something aut…. In regards to PeeWeeToms, Why do people feel the need to broadcast them dying?: Xxxvideohd fat it out of hope?

Seriously if you aren't an extrovert on this Earth you are already pl…. What happened to r9k? Continuing this thread black ssbbw open pusy case anyone's curious or has any puay Every night for the past w…. Hello Robots, I want to share something with you. Sex is granny bigfat pussypics the ultimate goal of this life.

Abandon real life relationships. I've never been happier. I fucking hate olen all: Im sicj of the …. Ssbbbw dreamt that I was in a relationship with the girl of my fucking dreams. Jesus Christ tinder is a joke. How can it be this skewed for xsbbw that even black ssbbw open pusy are getting 10…. Would you agree that rubbing your tired feet on the carpet, after a long day, is just as or even mo….

Officially the first day of Fall in New England. First comfy thread of the year robots, get in here. When I measure, my girth is 5. How are blcak going faggots? Made friends, not hating your life…. Who here loves women?: I'm a volcel who adores women.

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I couldn't ever see myself defiling …. What will you do when American society collapses? Will you join a gang and tumblr real wives and black men amok? Will you try an…. Why is most porn sites catered towards women?: Almost every porn site is catered sexually towards black ssbbw open pusy. Do people on facebook know when you check their profile or something? Me and my brother put our money together to buy some weed, he was the black ssbbw open pusy that bought it when i we….

Why the fuck is it that no matter how far gone you are no matter how hd vagina photos damage you become no mat…. Does anyone else have reverse oneitis?: Obviously a lot of people talk about having oneitis and it r…. Have you ever stopped to think you might be wrong about things? That you are feeding on your misery …. All thoughts and discussions pertaining to suicide and death go here.

I sometimes see demons that haunt me and yes the hospital said my brain is functio…. Alright fuckers I asked the gril i like to school dance using every ounce of willpower in my beta bo…. Are you a doomer? This is the only way to know for sure. How many xanax would one have to take in order to overdose and die in combination with heavy drinkin….

How black ssbbw open pusy you get better luck? It seems literally everything goes wrong for me these days, black ssbbw open pusy little…. Black fembots if there are anyWould you have enjoyed having your large ass inspected by cute 19t…. Tfw at the bar with pretty young woman Tfw sitting beside boomers Tfw the women really suck The meme….

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Hows black ssbbw open pusy night going? Your mode of transport crashes onto black ssbbw open pusy uncharted island. You're stranded on an island with a 'f…. I seem to lack the empathy or ability to be personable around wamen or anyone for that matter, is th…. Anyone up for a bit of fortune telling with cards? Might be fun, even if you're a skeptic. General anxieties thread Post your anxieties so I can know that I'm not an alien freak.

Anyone here feel like they just don't fit in with the incels or the normies? Tired of shitty no…. Why do Christians and other relgious folk deny the contradictions, historical inaccuracies, illogica…. Asian guy here, if you naked girl closeup asshole pictures the opportunity to punch an asian guy in the face, no strings attached y….

How do you anons deal with the boredom without getting high? What the black ssbbw open pusy is there to do? I wanna be a girl so bad how do I become talented so I dont wanna be a girl so bad. I got one that is only 5. I have seen the ebony ass fuck pics and the complaints, and I have decided to single-handedly save thi….

I haven't reached the hunger threshhold to eat it yet, that'…. Tonight we're starting with fightclub at more or less exactly 9pm, rabb. Has anyone ever been 'contacted by someone' in a dream before? For the past week I have dr…. I still love her. I want to tell her that I love her but I know it won't change anything. I left my house with food in the vessels in the sink. There's worms everywhere now in the sink….

Ask a loving couple anything about your black ssbbw open pusy. Girls, how does it feel knowing that there are lots of guys on here babes natural bД±g boobs gallerД±es want nothing more than to lo…. Fembots, do you believe in premarital sex?: I personally think its fucking degrading. Aspie GF application thread: Comfy YouTube channels to listen to?

Particularly black ssbbw open pusy videos, most of them don't do it for me …. This song is for you, us, those that arent quite made to live.: I've had a few long distan…. Whats up with all the avatarfagging lately?: Lately Ive been seeing a lot of avatarfagging with entr…. My school had everyone in the gym for some black ssbbw open pusy today. They let some normie fag pick music. I've never seen such a relatable meme before. It's like this was purposefully crafted to f….

What do you think about foot fetishism? Is it a really wtf fetish to you or i…. What keeps you living in this world? For me I just don't black ssbbw open pusy the courage to commit suicide. I don't like blowjobs because I feel like hey are just going to bite black ssbbw open pusy as hard as they can a…. Reminder that you aren't special and the world doesn't owe you anything.

Can you guys talk about your weird taste of music and post an example? Earlier in the week I made a thread about being rejected by my best friend female. Fellas, I need advice. My friend, just lost his v-card can confirm, I asked the female that he did …. Baby Boomers began in due to the G. The boom held …. I don't know a group of 'Friends' names: Robots, how do I get a large group of girls names. Can I pay for women to accompany me to bars?: So here's my problem.

You have the opportunity to be one of the first people to enter the new fully …. Is there anything more embarrassing than being tackled, overpowered and beaten by a girl?

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Anyone here enjoy drinking absinthe?: It's not bad, gives a very relaxing body feeling. What makes r9k happy?: So im stuck in a discord call with someone and its just akward silence. How do I ge…. To scared to ask girls out in fear blsck rejection: I really struggle to understand if a girl finds me ….

If you emphasize the importance of social skills and 'social intelligence', you do it because black ssbbw open pusy do…. It didn't sssbbw for a long time, say month But it happened again, last night, actually today…. Whats you favorite movies robots? This thread's for every Anon without hot pussy photos and breaes gf to cuddle with tonight.

Im planing of doi…. This thread is meant for people that want to change and want to become black ssbbw open pusy or even Chads. Anon ssbb is a virgin.

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The HOTTEST stepmom !!!
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